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School Sponsorship/Golden Apples 


Blessings in a Backpack is currently operating in seven elementary schools in Fort Wayne Community.

Our goal is to provide supplemental meals over the weekend for every school in our public school system.

In order to accomplish this, we have created "Golden Apples", or sponsorships to cover the cost of food for each student. 

100% of a Golden Apple Sponsorship goes directly to feeding students at the school chosen for sponsorship.

While we do have a list of priority schools, all elementary schools in Fort Wayne community are eligible for sponsorship.

Click on each school to learn more.  

Current Blessing Schools


Washington Elementary

Golden Apple: First Presbyterian Church

Sponsorship 2020-2023


Levan Scott Academy

Golden Apple: Anonymous

Sponsorship 2022-2025


Abbett Elemenatary

Currently Available

for Sponsorship

south wayne.jpeg

Study Elementary

Fairfield Elementary

South Wayne Elementary

Adams Elementary

Currently Available

for Sponsorship

Currently Available

for Sponsorship

Currently Available

for Sponsorship

Currently Available

for Sponsorship

Priority Waiting List Schools


Bloomingdale Elementary

Over 300 children 

awaiting their "blessing". 


Brentwood Elementary

Over 400 children 

awaiting their "blessing". 


Harrison Hill Elementary

Over 600 children 

awaiting their "blessing". 

Don't see your school? Email to inquire about sponsoring a school in our community, or click here  for additional sponsorship options. 

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