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Q: What can I expect at this event?
A: This is a completely interactive event, bringing together your favorite charities and supporters in the spirit of raising awareness and funds for our community. You'll be able to immerse yourself in a full day of "Hogwarting", from potions class to learning about live magical creatures, all run by the nonprofits who serve our city. Find your magical career, learn your protective spirit's all created to bring out the magic that's in YOU. 

Q: Hey, is there a theme to this event? 
A: This is a magically themed event based upon a tale of a young wizard (no trademarked name, of course.) which takes place at a magical school (no particular one, for anyone looking for copyright issues.) 

Q: What are the times, hours and address? 
You're one of those. Okay.
October 5, 2024 from 10am-4pm.
1622 Broadway Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Follow our event page on Facebook to keep aware of the happenings. 

Q: Can I dress up?
A: We highly encourage it! You'll find a high percentage of people who will be dressed in theme, with costumes contests among the activities.

Q: It says "all ages". I have no kids; am I going to feel out of place?
A: Never. From our experience with this event, adults are the most excited participants. Enjoy the activities, food, live music, and thanks to Chapman's and The Charlie Horse, you'll even find plenty of adult potions. 

Q: I have kids, but want to enjoy the event without them.
A: We understand. No judgement here. Come, enjoy, dress up... 
you'll feel welcome.

Q: What activities are free vs. cost? 
A: Entrance to the event, as well as several of the activities are free for all. Items that will cost include all food and beverage vendors and shopping vendors (including wand shop). We do HIGHLY encourage you to give a donation at the activities you love most; remember, they are the ones performing magic for those in need all year. 

Q: Do I need tickets? 
A: This is not a ticketed event, but please follow our event page and click "going" to help us get a good head count. 

Q: Where to park? 
A: In the enchanted parking garage, of course! (You'll see it on the event map.) 

Q: Is this event handicapped accessible? 
A: ABSOLUTELY. The parking and campus is compliant..even our Quidd Athletics is customized for those with disabilities to partake (Thank the wizards at Turnstone!)

Q: I'm not really happy with a certain author of a similar story who said some uncool things. Would I be welcome here? 
A: EVERYONE is welcome at this event. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that there is activity representation of ALL witches and wizards. You'll be loved here, promise. 

Q: I want my nonprofit/community supporter/business to be part of this event! How do I get involved? 
A: You can email Send her a cookie basket and she'll move you to the top of the list. 

Q: I'm grumpy and want to find something to complain about with this free event that supports the community. Humbug!!! 
A: Sure, there's always a few of you...everywhere. We respect that free speech, but might we suggest a magical hug at our event?  We offer them absolutely free. 

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