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Student Supplemental Food Program
aka "Blessing Bags" 

When a school becomes a "Blessings" school, every child receives a bag full of nutritious food in their bag before they leave the classroom on Friday. 

There is no sign up, no "have" and "have not" lines to approve who receives a Blessing Bag. Every student is fed to ensure the dignity of every child. 

Menus are carefully created and approved by a nutritionist, but we always keep in mind that we are serving the most vulnerable of children who need to be able to consume the food regardless of: 

-The presence of a willing/able adult in the household. 

-Working utilities in the home. 

-Access to functioning appliances. 

Over 98,000 Blessings Bags are distributed in Fort Wayne Community Schools on an annual basis, feeding over 2600 children every weekend. 

To learn more about becoming a Blessings School, 

click here. 


"Believe Bags" 

The stigma of food insecurity can be as devastating as the direct effects of hunger itself.  

As mental, behavioral, and self-esteem issues weigh heavily on children battling food insecurity, we want to ensure that we are feeding the soul as well as the tummy.

"Believe Bags" are distributed on a quarterly basis in addition to our Blessings Bags in every school our program is implemented in. These gift bags include a gift based upon need, theme, or season, a treat, and a positive message reminding the child receiving it that we believe in their worth, their ability, and their dreams. 

To see our previous and current Believe Bag Drives,

click here. 

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